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Mississauga golf club COURSE RULES/ETIQUETTE

The following rules, regulations and etiquette are intended to maintain decorum and allow everyone to have an enjoyable day at Derrydale Golf Course:



It is each group’s responsibility to be observant of its position on the course and keep up to the group ahead of you. The Marshall has the authority to keep play moving at the proper pace for the enjoyment of all players.

To help your group keep pace and better enjoy the round of golf, the Marshall may:
- Require your group to stand aside to allow the group behind you to play through.
- Ask your group to switch to a ‘Scramble’ format to make the game faster and more enjoyable for all participants.
- If your group falls behind one complete hole on a par 4, you will be required to skip the open hole and move without delay to the next tee. Players unable to keep proper pace may be requested to leave the course, without a refund.

Here are other ways to keep up and better enjoy your game:
- Prepare for your next shot as you approach your ball.
- Always be ready to play when it is your turn.
- When you have finished a hole, pick up your ball and proceed to the next hole as soon as possible, record your score after leaving the green.
- Do not spend more than 2 minutes looking for your lost ball.
- Do not spend time looking for balls that do not belong to you. Lost balls are the property of the golf course.
- Always be considerate of fellow golfers.


To ensure that the golf course is kept in excellent playing condition, and as a courtesy to other golfers, we ask that you abide by the following golf course etiquette:
- Repair your ball mark where your ball lands on the green.
- Replace divots in the fairway.
- Always rake the sand trap after playing a shot.
- Be quiet when near a golfer about to play a golf shot.
- Put garbage in the garbage containers throughout the course.
- Do not jump golf holes or jump in front of another group.
- Follow all local golf rules stated on the scorecard.


The Liquor Laws of Ontario prohibit anyone from bringing personal alcohol on any premises that holds an AGCO Liquor License. In accordance with this law as well as the terms of our license, the following rules will apply:
- All alcohol must be purchased from the beverage cart or clubhouse.
- Unauthorized personal alcohol on the property will be confiscated and the customer may be asked to leave the property.
- Personal coolers will be inspected.
- Derrydale is within its rights and obligations to check bags that may be in violation of this policy.
- Drinking is NOT permitted in the parking lot at any time.


Pursuant to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse or patio areas. Smoking is not permitted at the picnic tables or near the entrance doors to the clubhouse.


We kindly ask that you provide at LEAST 24 hours notice for cancellations.

Groups booked as a 3-some or 4-some showing up with fewer golfers will be charged for the entire cost of the original reservation.


Two-somes and singles will be paired up.


Carts can be rented to anyone 18 and older, holding a valid G2. The pro shop will advise what time power carts are to be in at the end of each day. You are welcome to take a pull cart and continue golfing after your cart has been returned at no extra charge.

A maximum of 2 people are permitted on a power cart at any time. If a 3rd person is caught riding on the cart, either sitting or standing on the back, the cart must be returned immediately.

Carts must be driven in a manner that does not damage the cart or the course. Carts must be kept 5 yards from tee decks and traps and 30 yards from the greens unless you have received a handicap flag from the pro shop and have it displayed on the cart. As a courtesy to fellow golfers, portable speakers are not permitted on the golf course.


In the event of heavy, long-lasting rain, rain checks will be issued on a per hole played basis. The value of your game will be divided by the number of holes purchased. The number of holes played will be deducted from this total. The balance remaining will be issued in the form of a rain check to be used toward a future game at Derrydale.
For example - if you paid $45 for 12 holes with a cart then each hole is valued at $3.75. You will receive a voucher for $3.75 per unplayed hole.


All golfers must wear suitable attire at all times on the course and in and around the clubhouse as follows:

Proper golf attire or athletic wear preferred.

Prohibited: Tank tops, halter tops, ripped jeans or cut-off shorts, sweatpants, work boots, slides, flip-flops, soccer shoes, dress shoes or any other footwear deemed to be inappropriate by the pro shop.


You may practice chipping and putting on either of our two practice areas by the club house unless they are temporarily closed due to poor conditions or frost. Practicing on the course is absolutely prohibited. While waiting on the tee, it is imperative that golfers do not practice chipping.


Pets are not permitted on the golf course or in the clubhouse.


For safety reasons, strollers and small children are not permitted on the golf course. Any children over the age of 4 that would like to play must first meet with the pro shop to determine if they are eligible.

They must be aware of golf course etiquette and safety, as well they must have practiced at a range prior to golfing. Children deemed eligible to play must pay the effective junior rate regardless of how many holes they may or may not play.


Golfers are responsible for personal injury and/or property damage caused by their golf shots. Derrydale is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Derrydale Golf Course is dedicated to providing accessibility and equitable customer service to every one of our customers. We are committed to providing services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. We promise to give people with disabilities the same opportunity to access goods and services and allow them to benefit from the same services, in the same place and in a similar way as all other customers. Derrydale Golf Course will always communicate in a manner that takes into account the person’s disability. We appreciate everyone’s respect and cooperation. We sincerely hope that you have an enjoyable day at Derrydale.


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